Champion of Uschas


Ameer is a very average looking, 15-year-old boy of Indian descent. Slightly taller than everyone else, but not by much, and lanky. He’s strong from hard work, but muscles never built on him like they did other farmers.

Ameer was granted the Dream Leap ability by Uschas.


Ameer grew up in a small farming village, Junbar.

He’s a very caring and fiercely loyal person. A lot of people think he might have a learning deficiency because he takes a long time to speak, but it’s only that he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing.

His goals are to live like his dad, Raj; a simple farmer and to raise a family. He’s never really been excited for adventure like most kids his age.

He is scared of mirrors, but he is now also scared of anyone who looks like a prison gaurd and large fires (concerning he events of The First Night). He doesn’t like to think about his fear of mirrors. There are foggy memories of something to do with them, but he doesn’t know anything about it except there is a very negative feeling. He also isn’t sure if the memory is from a dream or real life.

When Ameer was 7, his mother fell mysteriously ill. All of her characteristics seemed to change one day while working in the poppy fields. She became a completely different person, short tempered, loud, obnoxious, and flirty with other men. The town doctor had never heard of anything like it. Ameer was always forced to leave the house when the doctor came. One morning his mother didn’t wake up. Raj was the one who saw her first. He was able to keep Ameer from seeing her. There was a small funeral with a few friends. Nothing big or over the top. They wanted to remember her in the way she was before her illness.

Ameer doesn’t really have friends. His life is his father and his father’s farm. All the other kids in the town are indifferent toward him. Not bullied but he was seen as though he didn’t exist. The only person that noticed him as anything but a blip on a radar was Shereem. Ameer means to marry her one day.


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